Consistent High Returns, Capital Protection, Integrity

Trident Global Growth Fund

Fund Manager - Lance Spicer

Commenced December 2010

The Fund invests in US, Global and Australian stocks with solid business fundamentals and strong earnings and revenue growth.

We seek out companies with good fundamentals in industries we believe will out perform due to the prevailing macroeconomic environment at the time.

We employ a variety of risk management strategies to ensure downside risk of any one position is limited while not restricting upside performance in any way.

Unit Price as at 30 April 2019 - $1.5771

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Reasons To Invest:

  • Investing US shares while the Australian dollar is strong means investors could gain foreign exchange profits in addition to those earned through capital appreciation and dividends
  • Opportunities exist when equity markets are historically cheap
  • Investing in companies with strong balance sheets, low debt, good cash flow and growing earnings generally provides outperformance
  • Those with Self Managed Super Funds and private investors alike are welcome to invest
  • You can invest from as little as A$10,000 and add to your investment from there in any increments

For years we have been showing our clients how to make good returns by investing in stocks from around the world as well as here in Australia.

The Trident Global Growth Fund provides exposure to an actively managed and diverse portfolio of Australian and International shares with some of the fastest-growing, innovative companies on the Australian and International share markets. The Fund is designed to provide capital growth through investment in Australian and International Equities. It is best suited to long-term investment. The ideal envisioned time horizon for investment is a 5 year minimum, though funds can be redeemed at any time according to the PDS regulations set out.

What The Fund Invests In

The fund is investing in Australia and Overseas markets.

These investments will be chosen for inclusion based on a number of factors but fundamentally they must be a well-managed company that displays earnings and sales growth that fits with our thematic top down analysis and also complies with our bottom up fundamental analysis. We use a combination of growth and value investing that has worked so well for us over the many years we have been providing recommendations. In addition, we may hedge the fund with the use of exchange traded options and may also generate income selling exchange traded options. 

We will be sticking to what we know best - simply investing in well-run, profitable businesses at the right price.

Who can I speak to if I have questions about the fund, the PDS or how to complete the application form?

Click here for contact details to direct All Fund enquiries to AMH

(Responsible entity and administration centre)